Full Spectrum Light Box Therapy Products

About Light Therapy Online

Light Therapy Online was founded in the last decade by Michael and Diane Nevins in Jackson, Michigan. The Nevins experienced the affects caused by the lack of natural lighting firsthand when they moved from Colorado to Michigan during the gray winter months.

In 1995 Mr. Nevins also perceived a serious need for balanced and healthy lighting in the working and learning environments of people who spend a majority of their day indoors. There were already materials on the market for seasonal affective disorder light therapy. He researched available full spectrum light boxes and seasonal affective disorder light therapy products and found that their quality and durability needed to be substantially improved as well as creating light therapy lamps to be used around the home or office in the form of desk and floor SAD lamps instead of the common light boxes look. Frustrated by the poor quality and high prices of these light therapy products, Mr. Nevins decided to develop his own line of high-quality and economical advanced full spectrum light boxes and light therapy products, known and marketed today under the name Paralite™, UltraLux™ and BlueMax™.

Light Therapy Online has forged relationships with leaders in the medical and scientific fields in conjunction with lighting technology. These relationships include:

University of California Lighting Research Center, UC Davis, Affiliate Member

University of Michigan, Sponsor of Lighting Research

Daniel T. Field, M.D., Clinical Research on Patient Improvement
Integrated Family Psychiatry, Board Certified Child and Adult Psychiatrist

Irlen Institute International Headquarters, Research on Reading Improvement
Helen L. Irlen, MA, MFT

Paul McCarty, Ph.D., A Study of School Systems Improvement
Brigham Young University, Provo UT