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Light Therapy Products
For Seasonal Affective Disorder
We carry a complete line of UltraLux™ and BlueMax™ Full Spectrum light therapy products including desk lamps, light boxes and floor lamps for seasonal affective disorder. Our products are used by doctors, educators and universities throughout the country. We provide only high quality, innovative products with patent-pending features you will not find anywhere else.

What is S.A.D.?
Light Therapy Products
For Seasonal Affective Disorder
Undeniably, the changing of seasons during the year can cause serious psychological changes. Mood disorders that register during seasonal changes are generally categorized as seasonal affective disorders, or SAD. The exact causes of seasonal affective disorders are unknow, but the production of body chemicals (serotonin, melatonin, etc.) that affect emotional states are known to fluctuate according to light exposure. Although there are drugs that can regulate the body chemicals, light boxes that simulate natural lighting can also assist with getting over the winter blues. Supplemental products such as artificial dawn simulators allow the body to naturally produce the necessary chemicals for a more enjoyable day.

Light Therapy And Depression
Here are some articles to introduce you to the benefits of light box therapy for seasonal depression. You can also find information on light therapy and depression to guide you with your purchase of light boxes and natural lighting lamps for SAD light therapy.

What is seasonal affective disorder?
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