Light Therapy Products: Lightboxes & Artificial Dawn Simulators
Our light therapy products also include SAD lamps that not only provide seasonal affective disorder treatment, but task lighting as with a standard lamp. Innovative and efficient, our lightboxes and SAD lights provide balanced and healthy lighting to those that work indoors. Getting over the winter blues is easier than ever. Don't let seasonal depression get you down, get your SAD lights from today.

Light Boxes

Compare to other Lightbox Brands

  • Fully Dimmable from 100% to 5% using patented dimmable electronic ballast system.
  • Recommended 10,000 lux treatment range up to distances of48"
  • Lightweight portable lightboxes that produce up to 10,000 lux of brilliant full spectrum light.

Light Therapy SAD Lamps

Compare to Competitive Products

  • Highest CRI of any full spectrum SAD lamp at 96 CRI.
  • Fully Dimmable from 100% to 20% using patented dimmable electronic ballast system.
  • Can be used for both light therapy for seasonal affective disorder treatment and as a high quality task lamp producing 10,000 lux at 18" and 5,000 lux at 28".

Artificial Dawn Simulator
  • Wake up with the gentleness of a natural sunrise with our artificial dawn simulator.
  • Programmable from 10 to 90 minutes
  • 7 day program schedule